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green&clean hood type

Regardless of what you want, Electrolux is able to offer you the best solution. Experience savings up to 1.040 € per year*, with the newest generation of green&clean hood type dishwashers!

Maximum savings are assured by: the low consumption of fresh water (2 lt./cycle); the highly efficient rinsing (-40% in running costs, less hot water used); the ENERGY SAVING device; the ZERO LIME device.

Excellent washing results regardless of working conditions thanks to: the CLEAR BLUE Filtering System; the very powerful washing circuit; the unique shape of the spray nozzles and rotating arms.

Best-in-class sanitation and safety are guaranteed by the WASH•SAFE CONTROL which provides a constant rinsing temperature of 84 °C, assuring perfect hygienic conditions and total detergent removal.

Optimal visibility and easy operation both in corner and linear installations due to the innovative angular position of the control panel and the integrated LED display (on automatic models).


* Cost savings are a result of calculations performed by the Electrolux Professional LAB which is certified by IMQ and INTERTEK. Comparison made between a green&clean hood type dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 3 lt/cycle for rinsing, 100 cycles/day, 300 working days/year and inlet water at 10 °C.